Natsumi's Song of Summer

Item # 155417.

Written by Robert Paul Weston. Illustrated by Misa Saburi.

This sweet and gentle picture book celebrates summer in Japan, as one little girl shares her love for bugs with her cousin who is visiting from America. Two young cousins who
are separated by language, continent and culture meet for the first time when Jill’s family travels from America to Japan to stay with Natsumi’s family. Natsumi’s nervousness about
meeting her cousin from across the sea quickly disappears when she discovers that her cousin is a lot like her: they both love summertime’s hot sandy beaches, cool refreshing
watermelon, festivals and fireworks. This is a tender, evocative story that celebrates the special pleasures of summertime and of reunions with faraway family and friends. Ages

Hardbound: 44 pp.

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