Relocation, Arkansas (DVD)

Item # 040770.

Directed and produced by Vivienne Schiffer

In 1942, nearly 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were forced into prisons in the interior because they looked like America’s enemy. Two of those camps were at Rohwer and Jerome in Arkansas, a state marked by deep racial segregation.

Paul Takemoto, whose family was imprisoned there, grieves over lost time and years spent fighting a ghost he never understood. Meanwhile, Richard Yada’s family refuses to return to California, where violence against Japanese Americans still exists, and become sharecroppers in Arkansas. But in the Deep South, a person could only be black or white. What were these newcomers?

Mayor Rosalie Gould’s genteel Southern accent belies a fierce determination. Her neighbors threaten her life because she sees the prisoners not as the enemy, but as Americans who have been wronged. Relocation, Arkansas asks the question: how do we define who we are, and more importantly, who is “the other?” Running time: 78 min.  

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