Going for Broke (DVD)

Item # 040186.

Hosted by Senator Daniel K. Inouye, and narrated by George Takei.

100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service (M.I.S.) -The numbers and deeds are memorable: after many of their families were imprisoned by Executive Order 9066 during World War II, these Nisei soldiers served their country and many gave their lives for a democracy that failed them. They became the most decorated American unit for their size and term of service. This DVD is in the vein of a History Channel documentary with dramatic narration by George Takei. It features the contributions of the MIS credited with shortening the war.

Extras: Strange Class Reunion; The "Yellow Peril" meets "Jim Crow"; Japanese Relocation (a U.S. government film).

Running time: 75 min.


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