More Japanese Children's Favorite Stories

Item # 150797.

Compiled and translated by Florence Sakade. Illustrated by Yoshisuke Kurosaki

Instill a love of reading and books in your children with this delightful companion volume, More Japanese Children's Favorite Stories. This book, along with the original Japanese Children's Favorite Stories, has been in print for 60 years! In these sixteen entertaining stories, you'll meet a delicate princess, a flying farmer, and a dragon along with many other characters who will thrill, charm, and delight your children. Each story contains a shushin, or moral that will teach your child about respecting and helping others. Through imaginative, enchanting tales, More Japanese Children's Favorite Stories brings all the flavor and wonder of Japan to a new generation of English-speaking readers. Included in this collection: The Magic Mortar, How to Fool a Cat, The Dragon's Tears, The Rolling Mochi Cakes, The Robe of Feathers, The Princess and the Herdboy, Urashima Taro, The Fairy Crane, The Old Man with a Wen, The Flying Farmer, Why the Red Elf Cried, The Biggest in the World, The Sandal Seller, The Singing Turtle, Saburo the Eel Catcher, Kintaro's Adventures

Hardbound: 96 pp.

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