Shiba Inu Ryuji

Item # 155379.

By Yukiko Motoshima.

Ryuji is a Shiba Inu that lives with his family in a peaceful village in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. His family decided to keep him as a guard dog but he smiles, he gets happy, grumpy, nervous, relaxed, excited, proud, brave…etc. He shows many different expressions and different looks every day.

He is now much more than just a guard dog…he’s a part of the family and a local celebrity in his village. Ryuji’s smile has even touched hearts outside of Japan.

When his family started to post his pictures on Instagram, Ryuji’s smile suddenly spread across the sea, earning him more than 318K followers all over the world. The author and the editor of this book have carefully chosen the best pictures that reveal Ryuji’s charm and showcases his lifestyle. Readers can now imagine that Ryuji is their own neighbor smiling back at them. Why not let Ryuji brighten your day?

Hardbound: 104 pp.

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