*Cherry Blossoms*

Item # 150570.


Edited by Sachio Yoshioka.

The cherry blossom is a symbol of cheer and hope and also evanescent beauty in Japan. Its emotional appeal has lead the cherry to play a prominent role in Japanese literature and poetry, while its graceful colorations have been explored thousands upon thousands of times by Japanese artists in every century. Featuring the drawings of Ichiro Tanimoto, a Kyoto kimono designer, this volume offers splendid examples of the venerable cherry and its variants.

The Shikosha Design Library showcases the finest traditional Japanese and Asian designs in a practical format for aficionados, artists, and digital designers. Admirers of Asian art will appreciate the richness and elegance of the designs. Hobbyists and graphics arts professionals will benefit from the color-percentage formulas, color swatches, line-drawn renderings, image reverses, and other filters and treatments that breathe new life into classical conventions. Users of this book are encouraged to adapt these images and motifs into their own projects and designs, such as greeting cards, silk-screened fabrics, menus, web page graphics, stationery, logos, quilts and embroidery, bookplates, murals, collages, tile work, and even three-dimensional architectural or sculptural elements.

Paper: 120 pp.

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