Japanese American Traditions

Japanese American Summer Sports

Gambatte! Do your best! That’s the competitive cry frequently heard from the Japanese as they enjoy traditional sports like sumo wrestling and various forms of the martial arts—judo, kendo, kyudo.

In the summer months, Japanese and Japanese Americans are among the world’s most devoted baseball enthusiasts and also use this season to sharpen their golf game. Being that sports build character, promote good sportsmanship, and require discipline and skill, it’s not surprising that the Japanese enjoy a variety of sports activities.

Whether you’re a true athlete or an armchair spectator, the Museum Store is ready to outfit you with much-needed summer sports accessories. There are baseball and golf accessories to get you off of the sidelines and into your game, or for others who still prefer the safety of a favorite arm chair, there is More Than a Game: Sport in the Japanese American Community or Top of Their Game to bolster your knowledge of sports history. Whatever your choice, the sidelines or playing field, gambatte! Give it your best!

July 2003

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