Japanese Nursery Rhymes

Item # 150592.

By Danielle Wright. Illustrated by Helen Acraman

What better way to learn a new language than through rhymes and music? Everywhere in the world, there are poems and songs especially for children-rhymes that are sung from generation to generation and never forgotten. In Japan, nursery rhymes speak of nature, of everyday joys and of Japan's own special culture. In Japanese Nursery Rhymes fifteen well-loved verses are colorfully presented in a format that makes language learning easier.

The included audio CD features kids singing in both Japanese and English-songs so lively and sweet you'll find yourself singing along! For preschoolers and beyond, this book will be a joy to the mind, the eye, the ear and the heart.

Songs include: Furusato, Donguri Koro Koro, Muramatsuri, Shoujouji no Tanuki Hayashi, Ame Furi, Akai Tori Kotori, Shabon Dama, Kisha, Haru Yo Koi, Koinobori, Kamome no Suihei-san, Yuki, Usagi no Dansu, Tsuki, Yurikago no Uta.

Hardbound: 32 pp.

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