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Teaching Liberty: The National Center for the Preservation of Democracy

On Independence Day, America pays tribute to its formation as a free country. With patriotic parades, barbecues and beautiful displays of fireworks, the nation celebrates its most cherished values -- namely that all people are created equal, and that all people have a voice in shaping democracy.

An exciting new institution is now open that will play a vital role in teaching the skills of democracy to young people...


The National Center for the Preservation of Democracy is a nonprofit educational institution that provides tools for living democratically in a diverse American society. Partnering with educators and community-based mentors, the National Center aims to inspire youth to become active participants in society.

An affiliate of the Japanese American National Museum, the National Center explores the rich and largely untold stories of the culturally and ethnically diverse people who have contributed to and strengthened American democracy, despite encountering many obstacles. Using these stories as teaching tools, the National Center will work closely with middle and high school teachers and community mentors to provide young people with the skills that they need to become effective leaders in their communities.

For information about the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy, visit You can participate in our interactive online poll, discussion boards, and find out about our upcoming programs.

The National Center will eventually introduce its own line of products. But many quality educational materials that explore issues of diversity and civil rights are available now through the Japanese American National Museum Store Online (see below).

We look forward to keeping you updated about our new affiliated institution. And remember, all purchases support a worthy cause. You can help make our world a better place by helping us promote diversity and equality!

July 2003

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