Museum Picks

Julia Murakami’s pick: Museum Logo Pen

As account executives with responsibility for meeting with clients, my co-workers and I spent a lot of time out in the field “pen in hand.” This leads us on the quest for the perfect pen—one that fits one’s hand well, has ink that flows easily AND looks neat and professional. Many pens have been bought in this quest; almost none remain in use, including some rather expensive ones.

Well, the perfect pen has been found at the Museum Store! The Japanese American National Museum pen is light and comfortable, even when held in the hand for long periods of time, and flows across the page with little effort. The look is neat and professional with a Museum purple body and silver tip. I was meeting with a client recently who kept eyeing my pen. I asked her if she’d like to see it and she quickly accepted, taking it for a test write. She described the pen as having a sharp high-tech look and loved the way it handled. Well, being a client, I offered it to her and she accepted it very happily. I speak with her almost daily and it’s now her favorite pen now.

I bought a couple of Museum pens when I first spied them in the store. I liked the pens so much I went back the next day to purchase half a dozen more and have shared them with family, friends and business associates. The decision is unanimous—the Japanese American National Museum pen is a great writing instrument. I just bought more pens to use as back-to-school gifts because at $3.95 they’re a wonderfully affordable gift.

Julia Murakami volunteers in the Hirasaki National Resource Center. She enjoys meeting museum visitors and hearing their stories; they’re not only a great learning opportunity but provide a perspective the American experience not found in school text books. Julia also serves a Co-Vice Chair of the Recruitment, Placement and Retention Committee.



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