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Japanese American Politicians Trivia Quiz

Congratulations to our winner Joshua C. of Kent, WA who will be receiving our special prize package of a copy of the Daniel K. Inouye: An American Story DVD and the From Bullets to Ballots video signed by Senator Daniel Inouye, plus a signed copy of The Almanac of American Politics.

Thanks to all of you who entered our third JA Trivia Quiz!



1. How many Japanese Americans are currently serving in Congress?

[a] 0

[b] 2

[c] 3

[d] 5

[e] 10

Three - Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii, Representative Robert T. Matsui of California, and Representative Mike Honda of California

2. Who was the first Japanese American to serve in Congress?

[a] Norman Mineta

[b] Daniel Inouye

[c] Patsy Takemoto Mink

[d] Samuel I. Hayakawa

[e] Masayuki "Spark" Matsunaga

Daniel Inouye - elected to the House of Representatives in 1959. Served from August 21, 1959 to January 3, 1963. Was elected to the Senate in 1962 and has served since.

3. Who was the first and only Japanese American to serve as a governor of a state?

[a] Mike Honda

[b] Robert T. Matsui

[c] George Ariyoshi

[d] George Aratani

[e] Patricia Fukuda Saiki

George Ariyoshi – served as the third Governor of Hawaii from 1974 to 1986.

4. Who was the first Japanese American to serve in a Presidential cabinet?

[a] Masayuki "Spark" Matsunaga

[b] Robert T. Matsui

[c] Mike Honda

[d] Daniel Inouye

[e] Norman Mineta

Norman Mineta - Clinton Administration – Secretary of Commerce; currently serves on the Bush Administration as Secretary of Transportation

5. Who was the only Japanese American to run for President of the United States?

[a] Patsy Takemoto Mink

[b] Daniel Inouye

[c] Norman Mineta

[d] Gordon Hirabayashi

[e] George Takei

Patsy Mink – She ran as a anti-war presidential candidate in the Oregon primary in 1972, receiving 5 percent of the vote in her loss to another anti-war candidate, South Dakota Sen. George McGovern.

Although her bid for president didn’t get very far, she accomplished a lot during her years in politics. She served for 12 terms from Hawaii in the House of Representatives, including 6 consecutive terms. Was the first Asian American woman to practice law in Hawaii. First woman of color to be elected to Congress. Was a leader in shepherding the passage of Title IX in 1972 to promote educational equity.

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