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The rites of spring include one of the most important rites of passage in a person’s life-graduation. Whether the graduation marks the completion of a high school diploma, a baccalaureate degree, or a graduate degree, graduation, with all of its traditions and celebrations, marks a person's entrance into a world of new opportunities, responsibilities, and life changes.

Here, in the United States, graduation is a cause for celebration with an emphasis on fun: the inspiring commencement speeches, the extravagant fireworks displays, and the much-anticipated tossing of the mortarboard.

In Japan, graduation ceremonies are part of the rites of spring as well. However, not surprisingly, these events are often more serious in tone and meticulously planned. Even the graduation ceremonies planned for kindergarten students, children just beginning their academic journey and making their way into elementary school, are rather somber occasions. In fact, so important is this step into elementary school that the Japanese often refer to it as “The Great Transformation.”

While our traditions in the United States may be less formal than those of the Japanese, gifts are a customary part of graduation celebrations here and abroad. Many of us think of ways to make this celebration special for the graduates in our lives. What gift can send the perfect message of congratulations to the special graduate in your life? The Museum Store offers a variety of meaningful and unique gift selections to celebrate the occasion.

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May 2003

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