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Launched on March 30, 2005, the DISCOVER NIKKEI website ( is a gateway to Nikkei-related resources, data, and history. It’s an online community for debate and discussion. It’s a multilingual, global website that connects people and their communities worldwide in the discovery of, and access to, all things Nikkei.

The DISCOVER NIKKEI website is the cornerstone program of the Nikkei Legacy Project. Its mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding and foster greater linkages between peoples throughout the world by making accessible resources and materials related to the NIKKEI, people of Japanese descent who have migrated and settled throughout the world.

The website provides access to perhaps the world’s largest resource of databases, archives, and materials related to the Nikkei, and promotes dialogue among institutions, organizations, and individuals – particularly students and young people -- with shared interests in the Nikkei experience.


The DISCOVER NIKKEI website will help you explore the world of Nikkei in four main sections:

COMMUNITY FORUM: Your opportunity to connect with Nikkei online. The Forum is a Web log where you can share your point of view, debate current issues, discuss historic events, explore your own identity, and find out what is happening in Nikkei communities around the world.

RESOURCES: A wealth of information on Japanese migration and descent in North and South America and beyond: Historical overviews, demographic data, searchable databases including a directory of Nikkei collections, and browsable subject hierarchies, for research and discovery.

REAL PEOPLE: A personal glimpse into the Nikkei experience through video interviews with people who have lived it. A wealth of first-person video narratives and transcripts is available through the searchable video archives.

MAKE HISTORY: Useful tutorials on conducting oral history interviews, preserving irreplaceable artifacts and documents, and helping to capture family and community stories and share them with a larger audience.


The DISCOVER NIKKEI website is coordinated by the Japanese American National Museum, and funded by The Nippon Foundation. Affiliates include community organizations, universities, museums, scholars, and specialists from around the world. These partners play a vital role in the development and expansion of the website by contributing specialized or local information on Nikkei experiences and resources to visitors worldwide.


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