Cynthia Ige and Clayvision

Cynthia Ige unveiled her Where the Road Bends collectibles in 1994. Her minutely crafted creations focused on themes of nostalgia and wholesomeness while naturally incorporating bits of her Japanese-American upbringing. Over the years, as Cynthia’s awareness and understanding of her own heritage grew, her pieces became more personal and representative of the Japanese-American experience of growing up in Southern California.

The medium Cynthia used for these miniatures is a polymer clay called FIMO. This colored clay is hand mixed to create the various shades she works with.

In an effort to diversify her products, Where the Road Bends evolved into Clayvision—a partnership with webpage designer Daniel Aoki. One of Clayvision’s first tasks was to find charms that complemented Cynthia’s own designs. When the search proved fruitless, Cynthia decided that if she couldn’t find the right charms, she’d have to make them herself. After much experimentation, she found that she could cast charms from her own clay models. And so, with Clayvision, Cynthia and Daniel embarked on an exciting journey, a brand new bend in the road, so to speak.

The charms which continue and expand upon Cynthia’s exploration of Japanese-American themes can be attached to key chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and zipper pulls. The Clayvision line has since grown to include figurines, magnets, pushpins, clip holders, and journals. Of course, as long as Cynthia stays true to her vision and has clay to work with, new creations are always on the way.

August 2001

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