Museum Picks

Carole Yamakoshi’s pick: Grandfather’s Journey

My pick is the Allen Say children’s books because I like the idea of a gift that has the ability to last a lifetime and is usually an experience that a parent is able to share with their children.

I noticed one book in particular, Grandfather’s Journey. I thought of my friend whose father was never able to meet his grandson. I hoped this book might give my friend the opportunity to tell her son about his grandfather as they read the book together.

I purchased a number of these books for my cousin’s children and my cousins all commented on the superior quality of the art that was available in each book, (and so unusual for a children’s book) and also that it was fun for their children to see young people in a book who looked like them!

Carole Yamakoshi is a Saturday Gallery Docent. She is also currently the Chair of the President’s Volunteer Council and a member of the Recruitment, Placement and Retention Committee. She has gained an insight into Japanese American history from the resources that are available at the National Museum as well as the opportunity to speak to many of her fellow volunteers. She also finds the Museum environment to be serene and tranquil and enjoys going there after a hectic week at work.

November 2003

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