Crossings: 10 Views of America’s Concentration Camps

April 2–June 21, 2009

See the mass incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II through the eyes of ten unique artists from the past and the present. Featuring several never before displayed works from the Museum’s collections, Crossings places art created during the war alongside contemporary work to demonstrate how artists can provide insight into a dark episode in American history and expose its lasting impact on a community generations later. The exhibition serves as a literal crossing point between generations, an intersection where memory, history, and community are formed and transformed.

Artists featured:
- Sesshu Foster
- Masumi Hayashi
- Benji Okubo
- Hisako Hibi
- Toyo Miyatake
- Tadashi Nakamura
- Mine Okubo
- Shizu Saldamando
- Renee Tajima-Pena
- Sadayuki Uno

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