Museum Picks

Bob Moriguchi’s pick: Encyclopedia of Japanese American History

An award-winning veteran docent at the Japanese American National Museum, Bob Moriguchi has been actively involved in training new docents. He’s a patient, thorough instructor—and knows effective educational material when he sees it.

He recommends the Encyclopedia of Japanese American History: An A-to-Z Reference from 1868 to the Present.

“This reference book gives a brief but comprehensive history of Japanese Americans,” he says. “There is a chronological historical section, as well as a section organized by topic. It has been a very useful reference for our volunteer courses at the National Museum. The chronological section, a short overview of Japanese American history, has been a particularly good supplement to the lectures.”

“There are hundreds of books dealing with many aspects of Japanese American history,” Bob notes. “This book will appeal to someone who wishes to get a quick overview, and if someone is interested in a specific topic, the book includes references to other publications that can offer more detail.”

Bob Moriguchi, a retired pharmacist, has been a volunteer at the Japanese American National Museum for 5 years. Bob is the current Chair of the Docent Committee, Vice-Chair of the President”s Volunteer Council (PVC), and the liaison from the PVC to the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy. He was formerly on the Training Task Force. Bob believes the National Museum has a very important message and lesson to give all visitors, and enjoys his role as docent.



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