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Red Lacquer Bridge - Book and CD Set
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By Maggie Shelton

Twenty-two years after the death of her Aunt Lucile, Maggie Shelton was given a small cardboard box. In it were treasures from 70 years before-evidence of her aunt's stories of a school on an island, situated in the heart of the Los Angeles harbor. She described a Japanese fishing village complete with shops, a church, a temple, and a small elementary school. But the village was gone, and no one seemed to know anything about it. The contents of that box led Maggie on a journey that ended with the discovery of a treasure her great-aunt had found two generations before her - the story of the children of Terminal Island. In addition to the stories, Maggie's aunt documented music from the forgotten community.

A collection of Japanese school songs from the children of Terminal Island are performed by the Red Lacquer Bridge Children's Choir, directed by Judy Bohlen.

Songs on the CD: Japanese National Anthem (Kimo Ga Yo), The Rain (Para Para), The Snail (Den Den Mushi Mushi), Little Fish (Ogawa No Medaka), Baby's Boat (Donbura Gokko), Hand in Hand (Otete), Sunset (Yuuyake Koyake), The Rabbit (Usagi), Baby Sparrows (Suzume No Ko), Spring is Coming (Harugakita), The Old Flowerman (Hana Saka Jiisan)

Paper: 179pp.

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