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Part Asian, 100% Hapa Postcard Set
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Taken from statements in Kip Fulbeck’s book of the same name (click on the link on the right), we have created a 10 card set of provocative, poetic and just plain amusing statements. Suitable for Hapas of all persuasions.

Statements include:
  • What am I? I am exactly the same as every other person in 2500.
  • What am I? Shouldn’t you be asking my name first?
  • I am a human being not a human doing
  • People ask me on a daily basis “What are you?” My favorite response is “I’m hapa, are you jealous?”
  • My last boyfriend told me he liked me because of my race. So I dumped him.
  • I am a person (with drawing)
  • I am a person of color. I am not half-“white”. I am not half-“Asian”. I am a whole “other”. (checkbox) other
  • I am not who you think I am.
  • What am I? I’m what’s on your spoon when you pull it out of the melting pot.
  • 100% Hapa

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