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Going for Broke (DVD)
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Hosted by Senator Daniel K. Inouye, and narrated by George Takei.

100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service (M.I.S.) The numbers and deeds are memorable: after many of their families were imprisoned by Executive Order 9066 during World War II, these Nisei soldiers served their country and many gave their lives for a democracy that failed them. They became the most decorated American unit for their size and term of service.

This DVD is in the vein of a History Channel documentary with the dramatic narration by George Takei. It features the contributions of the MIS credited with shortening the war. Extras: Strange class reunion o The "Yellow Peril" meets "Jim Crow" o Japanese relocation (a U.S. government film). Running time: 75 min.

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