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From a Silk Cocoon (DVD)
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Produced by the Hesono O Productions team of Satsuki Ina, Stephen Holsapple, Emery Clay III, and Kim Ina

The discovery of a small metal box leads to the uncovering of a family story, shrouded in silence for more than 60 years.

Woven through their censored letters, diary entries, and haiku poetry, is the true story of a young Japanese American couple whose shattered dreams and forsaken loyalties lead them to renounce their American citizenship while held in separate prison camps during World War II. They struggle to prove their innocence and fight deportation during a time of wartime hysteria and racial profiling.

Running time: 57 min.

Awards: Best Director Award for Documentary at the 2005 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival; Grand Festival Award for Documentary at the 2005 Berkeley Video & Film Festival

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