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Kash--The Legend and Legacy of Shiro Kashino (DVD)
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This documentary profiles Shiro "Kash" Kashino, one of the most storied soldiers of the famed Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington Kash volunteers in the U.S. Army while incarcerated in an American concentration camp in Idaho. Described as having "pupule guts" (crazy guts) by his buddies from Hawaii, He is quickly promoted to staff sergeant and leads his platoon through major battles in Italy and France. Kash emerges from the war a battle-scarred hero with an amazing record: one Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, Combat Infantry Badge, SIX Purple Hearts. . . and a Court-Martial.

Some 40 years later, convinced that Kash and two other Nisei soldiers had been unfairly tried and unjustly convicted of charges related to a dance hall brawl in southern France, fellow veterans in Hawaii and Kash's wife, Louise, press him for permission to begin the process of expunging the court-martial conviction from his Army records. Kash would rather keep the stain on his records in the past, but he is swayed by Louise to proceed with the investigation ". . . for the sake of our daughters." Running time: 68 min.

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