Year of the Labbit 2011

"Shinoda's Labbit"

Custom Labbit by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Los Angeles, CA

Mike Shinoda Labbit auction: July 14–22

Mike Shinoda is a musician, record producer and artist best known for his vocal and musical endeavors with his band Linkin Park. Shinoda also oversees the packaging, print and online art for the band. He is also involved in other projects including Fort Minor, Music For Relief, and Projekt Revolution. The proceeds from the sale of his Labbit will go to Music for Relief/Japan Relief and the Museum.

Shinoda has presented two painting exhibitions at the Museum: Glorious Excess (Born) in 2008, and Glorious Excess (Dies) in 2009 two chapters in his series of paintings and digital art exploring society’s obsession with celebrity culture, consumer addiction, and fascination with excess.

Spray paint, acrylic, ink, 6"H


This is an original work of art and is not recommended as a toy for children. No discounts will be applied. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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