Year of the Labbit 2011

"Smokin Smorkin Labbit"(SOLD)

Custom Labbit by Marilyn Frandsen and Tim Kummerow , Los Angeles, CA

Marilyn owns and operates the design studio in Culver City that currently produces the incredibly over-the-top, uber-designed packaging for Fox's The Simpsons™ DVDs, among other properties. Tim Kummerow's illustration work have appeared in many books. Their work was featured in the Dreams to Dreams custom show at the Museum (2008).

This Labbit has red eyes that light up as he "lights up." A mechanism similar to those used in model train smokestacks resides inside the Labbit (accessed through the Labbit's back)/ The on/off switch is on the Labbit's butt.

See it work!
Watch the Smokin Smorkin Labbit

Mixed Media, 4.5"H.

This is an original work of art and is not recommended as a toy for children. No discounts will be applied. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.These artists have donated 100% of the proceeds from this sale to the Museum!

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