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Fused Glass Hina Ema
Item No.: 210205


By Hiro Hara

Local artist Hiro Hara has been creating handmade, fused glass art and jewelry for over ten years. Originally from Japan, Hiro brings her graphic design skills to three-dimensional media. She studied the arts of glassmaking and jewelry in Pasadena, CA.

Her fused glass technique incorporates multiple layers of glass decal work that gives her pieces depth and allows for many layers of color.

Here she has combined the imagery of traditional Hinamatsuri dolls on a glass version of an ema. Ema are symbolic wooden plaques left as offerings at Japanese shrines. In Japan people buy ema and write their wishes on the back and leave them at the shrines. Hiro’s version of this can provide a weatherproof offering suitable for the garden or a sunny window. 5"W x 4.5"H. Limited number available.

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