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Wabori: Traditional Japanese Tattoo: Classic Japanese Tattoos from the Masters
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By Manami Okazaki

This coffee-table art book features the work of Japan's top traditional Japanese tattoo masters, including interviews with Horiyoshi III, Horitoku, Horihide (Gifu), Horinami, Tokai Horihiro, Horiyasu, Horinami, Horicho, Nakamura, Horitoshi, Horihisa, Horihito, Horimasa, Horikazuwaka, Horitsuna, Horiren, Horimitsu, Shoko Tendo, and Motoharu Asaka.

Book includes in-depth interviews highlighting their incredible and filmic histories, and information about the technical aspects of the craft. Many photos by photojournalists Martha Cooper, Jeremy Sutton Hibbert, Irwin Wong, Cory Lum, Jeremie Souteyrat, Ivan Toscanelli, Michael Rubenstein, as well as archival images from the masters albums. Paper: 256 pp.

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