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The Last Kappa Of Old Japan--A Magical Journey Of Two Friends
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Written and illustrated by Sunny Seki.

Kappas are mythological creatures that have been a part of Japanese folklore for centuries. These creatures are believed to be messengers of the god of water; they often do mysterious things and love to eat cucumbers. Legends of kappas exist all over Japan.

The Last Kappa of Old Japan tells the story of a Japanese boy, Norihei, who lived on a farm in the countryside of Japan some time ago. One day Norihei discovers a sick young kappa, Kyu-chan, and saves his life. The two become fast friends and Kyu-chan introduces Norihei to the secret wonders of the water world. Many years later, Kyu-chan is able to return Norihei's favor. This warmly written and beautifully illustrated book introduces young readers to many aspects of traditional Japanese culture and folklore, while teaching an important lesson about maintaining a clean environment.

Hardbound: 32 pp.

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