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Gokurosama: Contemporary Photographs of the Nisei in Hawai‘i
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Photographs by Brian Y. Sato.

The Issei placed their hopes for a better life upon a string of tiny islands centered within the vast Pacific Ocean. Isolated both in place and spirit, for those who did not succumb to the harsh realities of plantation life and return to Japan, Hawai‘i would become the birthplace of their children, the nisei.

This exhibition catalogue represents the culmination of a six-year long documentary of the nisei in Hawai‘i by Yonsei (fourth-generation Japanese American) photographer, Brian Y. Sato. It is dedicated to the issei and their offspring, whose sacrifices and accomplishments will hopefully be remembered and recognized in generations to come.

Paper: 42 pp.

An exhibition of these photographs will be coming to the Museum on February 14, 2009.
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