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How the Years Were Named (Kamishibai)
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By Chizuko Kamichi. Illustrated by Yuko Kanazawa.

Kamishibai (literally translates as “paper drama”) were popular throughout Japan during the 1920s and into the 50s. Traveling storytellers would ride from town to town equipped with wooden theaters attached to the back of their bicycles. Upon arrival, the storyteller would set up his stage, gather a crowd by striking two wooden clappers and proceed to sell candy. Those who bought candy would get to stand or sit closest to the stage.

The stories were told through a series of large painted cards which the kamishibai man would deftly change as he dramatically recited his folk tales or continuing serial.

These cards tell the traditional tale of how the Asian animal zodiac came to be. The text appears on the back of the sturdy and beautifully illustrated 15 x 11 inch cards. It is a wonderful tool for teachers or a great replacement for television! 12 card panels.

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