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Nisei: The Quiet Americans – revised edition
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By Bill Hosokawa.

Originally published in 1969, this revised edition of Hosokawa’s important work includes a new afterword by the author. The main text is divided into three sections—The Early Years, The Years of Travail, and The Years of Fulfillments—beginning with the Issei immigrants, continuing with the Nisei and the World War II experience, and concluding with the court cases and prominent Japanese Americans. There is also an afterword from the 1992 reprinting that includes some information about the redress movement.

Paper: 570 pp. B/w photos.


Preface; Forword by Edwin O. Reischauer; Prologue

Part 1 (The Early Years): The Origins; Meeting of Two Nations; The First Issei; The Vanguard Arrives; The Sign of the Dollar; Work for Willing Hands; Neither White nor African; No Land, No immigration; Wretches, Rascals and Churches; The Miniature Giants; The Nisei Arrive; The Search for Identity; The Birth of JACL; The Long Hot Summer of 1941

Part 2 (The Years of Travail): December 7, 1941; The Unhappy Days; The Rising Cry; A Faulty Diagnosis; The Exodus; Behind Barbed Wire; A Time of Bitterness, Valor and Confusion; The Dedicated JACL-ers; Proof in Blood; Two Angry Irishmen

Part 3 (The Years of Fulfillment): Justice in the Courts; Hawaii, The Chance that Was Ours; When Opportunity Knocked

Epilogue; Guide to Pronunciation of Japanese Names; Afterword 1992; Afterword 2002; About the Author; Index

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