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Let’s Sing! Japanese Songs for Kids (CD and booklet)
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This is one of our most popular CDs. A delightful collection of 14 favorite Japanese children’s songs with accompanying song book. All songs are sung beautifully in Japanese and English. The song book includes piano accompaniments as well as useful background notes.

Included are:
  • Haru ga Kita – Spring has Come
  • Ureshii Hina Matsuri – The Doll Festival
  • Ouma no Oyako – Mother Horse and Baby Horse
  • Teru Teru Bozu – Little Weather Doll
  • Tanabata Sama – The Star Festival
  • Oki na Taiko – The Big Drum
  • Umi – The Sea
  • Suzume no Gakko – The Sparrows’ Singing School
  • Usagi – Rabbit and the Moon
  • Shojoji no Tanuki Bayashi – The Badger Musicians at Shojoji Temple
  • Zosan – Elephant
  • Musunde, Hiraite – Tie Up a Knot
  • Oshogatsu – New Year&rssquo;s Day
  • Sakura, Sakura – Cherry Blossoms

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