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Kitazawa Seed Co. has been serving growers and home gardeners since 1917. Originally started in San Jose, CA, the company has recently moved to Oakland and is in the process of expanding while continuing to provide the highest quality Japanese and Asian vegetable seeds.

Kitazawa seeds were favorites of seasoned gardeners who knew what they were planting, so instructions were not included with the seeds. For beginners we suggest referring to a gardening book for planting tips. Here are a few facts to help you start:

NAPPA (CHINESE CABBAGE HYBRID) This barrel head type Chinese cabbage is best grown in spring, but can also be grown in summer and fall. Young leaves can be used in salad. Stir-fry or steam.

KABOCHA(WINTER SQUASH HYBRID) Also known as Japanese pumpkin. A hybrid that is the best-selling "ebisu" type in Japan. Fruits are flattened globes with dark-green skin. The very sweet yellow flesh has a nutty taste.

TAKINOGAWA GOBO (EDIBLE BURDOCK ROOT) A special, late-variety burdock that is rich in flavor. It is the most popular variety in Japan. Mature plant can reach 3 feet in height. Roots can be harvested in 4-5 months if planted in spring.

KYURI (TASTY GREEN CUCUMBER) Popular Japanese burpless cucumber, easy to grow under a variety of conditions. Good for pickling and is virtually acid-free.

DAIKON-TOKINASHI (GIANT WHITE RADISH) Popular all-season daiko. White fleshed with a strong, hot pungency.

NASUBI (EGGPLANT SHOYA LONG) Grows up to 14" long. Early and productive variety.

KOMATSUNA (SPINACH MUSTARD) Traditional Japanese green that has mild flavor between spinach and mustard. An all-season variety especially rich in calcium.

MIZUNA (POT HERB MUSTARD) Good for stir fry, salad, soup and pickling. An essential ingredient for New Year's o-zoni.

KAIWARE Radish sprouts eaten as seedlings. Harvest after a few days.

EDA MAME (SOY BEANS) A medium early bean that can be planted in late spring to early summer .

AKA TAKANA (mustard) Fast grower. Sow in spring. Deep-purplish leaves with white mid-rib. Very pungent.

AKA (RED) SHISO (PERILLA) Traditional Japanese herb with flavor reminiscent of anise and basil. For spring planting and summer harvest. Long germination period. Leaves can also be used for coloring umeboshi.

AO (GREEN) SHISO (PERILLA) Traditional Japanese herb with flavor is reminiscent of anise and basil. For spring planting and summer harvest. Long germination period. The green variety is spicier than the red.

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